Saturday, December 22, 2007


I am a bad blogger!! One thing about it is that I don't have internet at home. That makes it hard to update! But I do have soooooo much to show you guys! I have been busily preparing X-mas presents for people this year & I have started a new & SO fun project! But first I will tell you how everyone is! I have started work again! I love to work & I am sooo glad I love my job! I am one of the fortunate few who get to do what they love & jobs are plentiful! I work at Saginaw's which is a very nice restaurant in Elma. They have the CUTEST little shop right in the retaurant too.... I spend alot of my tips there!! The little shop is called PB&J's. I encourage you to check out the website to Saginaw's. The food is incredible & Lou's desserts are a highlight! She is an amazing chef! She needs to go on the show Top Chef!! Taryn is in South Carolina for Christmas & I hope her dad is teaching her how to drive a stickshift!! I don't feel like I am old enough to have a daughter with a driving permit & in 6 months she will be cruising around in MY car!! AHHHHHH! I am glad she's probably the most mature person in our household!! She is getting ready to go to Disneyland to perform with the drillteam in April. She is also GORGEOUS. Where do I start with Sheridan? The girl is in the hospital right now as I write this! What should've been a random catheter change turned into a 3 day stay.... the transplant is a go & the wait is on. She's a trooper! She has started equestrian team & she is riding 3 of our horses for different events... She's doing equestrian drill, gaming, & cowhorse events. She rides 3 or 4 days a week & what a rush it is to see this girl ride! Fast & faster is what she knows! I am excited to give her her x-mas present... since she probably won't read this I will tell you that it is a saddle pad that she has wanted for about two years. We have all been VERY busy & trying to get on with life since last winter & summer were spent in the hospital. She deserves to ride fast after what she's been thru... she's just catching up! Anyway, on to finding time to make x-mas presents... I would love to *buy* time!! I would ask Santa for more time if it was possible in either case! That is my one impossible wish.... more time! I have done a couple of charm swaps & I mailed them in late.... I hate that but it just always happens... so I am going to wait before I sign up for anymore till after the holidays! But now I have some orders for some banners that I am making... Sooooo cute. I have taken to making glittery &/or decorated paper signs, names cool words, etc & making banners out of them. I am decorating them with tons of vintage ribbon, vintage buttons, crystals, metal bits, stickers, pictures, etc... the possibilities are endless on how to bling these out! I love it!! So, after I have made up a few more of them I will get some pics & post them! They go as fast as I make them! I also made some super cute legwarmers out of a wool sweater... (i washed it, you know what happens with it then!) I felted a name going down the side & put bead & all the fun things on them too. So, here's what I do so if anyone has an old sweater DON'T throw it away! Just cut the sleeves off & wa-la you have legwarmers!! Take the rest of it & make a matching bag!! Let me tell you,no sweater was safe there for awhile! I got cold last winter & had to stop cutting them up! My legs stayed warm tho & I always had the perfect matched handbag! Watch out Louie V.!!! Let's see what else? Oh yeah the horrible storm that hit our area... what a nightmare!! The roof blew off the bedroom of the big house, our field flooded, the second biggest tree in my yard blew over, luckily it blew between the house & the 5th wheel! it would have destroyed either one had the wind blew it over on them instead. We only lost power for like a day & a half. the roof also blew off Sinclares (my baby goat) & Henny Penny's (my one chicken) house. The 7 horses all huddled up & stayed calm... & my baby bull calf was just worried about getting fed. Thank god I am not bottle feeding the little rascal anymore! He would have blown away out in that weather!! I got him when he was just a day old & he is about 8 weeks old now. I walk him with a halter & lead rope but he gets really excited & takes off running & bucking & drags me or whoever all around the field! He's really cute! So, all in all we managed ok during the storm. We are thankful. Anyway, long blog & I will post pics soon! Happy Holidays to Everybody!!! Heather & Family!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

We're outta here!

Hi!! Well, I am writing this in a bittersweet mood... We have officially been released from the Ronald McDonald House! I am supposed to be packing & moving & cleaning right now. I am really happy to be going home but it's kinda scary too! Sheridan has finally been diagnosed chronic renal failure. We will move to a closer dialysis unit & she will begin the tests to see if she is going to be a good recipient for a transplant. So, after all this she will end up with a transplant. Yesterday was exactly 8 months of being here at the hospital. It was snowing the day we were driven by ambulance to Children's. I remember the roads being icy. Today it's about 80' out & just super nice. Weird! Fair went AWESOME!! All of my girls recieved big rosette ribbons & it was well worth all the sleepless nights & early mornings! Well, I have to run to the P.O. Later! Heather!!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Happy August Everyone!

This is going to be a good month! This will be a super busy month too! I am currently driving back & forth everyday from Seattle to Elma.... 2 hours if the traffic is good! I am setting the donut machine up this weekend at a really awesome little place out by my little farm. This place is my inspiration everytime I am there! My daughter is raising $$ for her drillteam uniform so hopefully she will sell ALOT of donuts! I am also selling some of my little lipglosses I make. 3 flavors, cherry vanilla, pina colada & peppermint.... which is your flavor? I think I will throw in some cool crocheted bags I have too. Those are great for alot of things! I will take some pics & post them next week. I took my 4-H group on a trailride today, good work-out for the horses & the girls. The fair is from the 8th to the 12th.... I will be gone from the blog for a week! I will have the donut booth up at the fair too! After our trailride I took Taryn to drillteam practice & I headed out to the fields to mow hay. The John Deere is loud.... the mower is hella-loud & I ended up with a pounding headache! I went over to pick up some decorations for fair & I was talking & realized... I am loud!!! It's cuz I couldn't hear! After I yelled at everyone in the house I headed for Seattle! Made it in good time.. painted the little things, threw a load of laundry in, started on the halters I am making the girls for fair( super cute) & here I am! Tomorrow Sheridan has dialysis & a doctors appt. to discuss her upcoming kidney biopsy. Let's take a poll... will she or won't she need a kidney transplant? At this point something needs to be done. Life doesn't stop for any of us. It seems like it would but it doesn't. So, I think I am rambling. I don't think, I know I am. It's 2:30 a.m. I am going to bed nite you guys & I can't wait to post some pics of this months STUFF! Smiles everyday to you! Heather!!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Inchies & Fabric ATC's

Hey! Does anyone want to do some inchies trading with me?! I really want to make some but I need a reason! Let me know if you do! I am also going to start on some fabric trading cards soon too.... maybe I will do a trade here... I think I will make some & see what happens after I post the pics! Ok going to read & sleep.... Nite y'all! Heather!!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

I belong!!!!

Hi!! Guess what!?! I belong to a new group! I am pretty excited to try out some of their trades! The new group is The Embellished Circus. The name caught my eye! Anyway, more for me to post... I know, I know.... when I do actually post! I am taking some more pics in the a.m. so I can show some more stuff! Amber Dawn left me a message & I was so excited! I had someone checking out my blog! It's always fun to get a message from her because I know she is one BUSY girl! I am currently working on like 3 of her charm swaps... & she has more than that going! Amazing......! I strongly encourage everyone to check out her site... it's in my site's on the side! I am going to a baby shower on Sunday... You don't get it... I don't do showers. I didn't even do my best friends bachelorette shower thing.. granted that was because I burned the skin off of my face trying to hard boil an egg in the microwave, that's all I am going to say about that!, but I still don't know if I really would've made it! I'm thinking about that now... how did we, at 18 years of age, get into bars? That's where we would've went that night... CRAZY! I really like babies though. I liked looking in the baby section for the little clothes & shoes. I will show you a pic of what I got .... in the a.m. I am also making a charm after the baby is born. Anyway, I am leaving if they play the "Guess the Melted Candy Bar in the Diaper" game. With all of Sheridan's issues lately... I am NOT up for that game! :) So, please, please, wish me many 'get thru the shower' wishes. I will get them & feel so much better!! Ok, so see ya in the a.m!! Heather!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Time to read..

Hey there!! What has everybody been doing lately... Kinda quiet out there in blogland! The Ronald McDonald House remains the same! I just don't know what we would have done without this place while Sheridan has been sick. So, my deck around the Little Star Farm Shack is almost done!! It is going to be so cute! The horse fence will be started soon! YAY!! Bigger field for them this winter! I ran over my dog with the quad.... he jumped right back up & started running along side me again. I had a heart attack. I don't know what I would do without my old Blue Dog. Having two places to live at is hard! Regular chores at home (on the farm) & communal chores & living here in Seattle at the Ronald House. All of the art stuff I am using right now is here in Seattle so when I go home to the farm I feel like I am missing something. Don't take your space for granted girls!!! Anyway, I am happy to say I finished my fabric charms! I have started on some cool asian themed charms now! I am also working on these cool little pocket fairies! I really like making them!! They are sooooo fun! I will only get more ideas to make them funky & whimsy!! Isn't that a great word.....whimsy! Everybody uses it now too! I have also almost finished my little bottle charms!! They are TINY! I have to think of some cool packaging for them! They HAVE to have something to do with stars tho. I am going to size my pics & try to get some on here!! Does anyone want to trade paper dolls or pocket fairies? I am also going to try to fit some inchies in sometime soon!! Those are so cute! What do you do with your inchies? I want to make some but I don't just want a bag of these little art treasures hanging around doing nothing! I am going to suggest a book for you to read in your spare time.... it was ..... different. It is by Wally Lamb. The title is "She's Come Undone". It was on the NY Times best sellers & Oprahs Book Club. I finished it & thought I like how the author writes his stories. Anyway, let me know what you are creating! I am excited to see!! Heather!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Hey there!! Well, the kids swap went good....thanks to all the kids that took a minute out of their summer to join!! Alot of artistic kids out there!! I have also recieved my ICE charms!! I really had a good time making charms for these swaps! My charms I recieved back are great!! Amber Dawn really puts alot of effort & time into swapping the charms!! I have had very little time lately... I really can't wait for winter!! More time to spend indoors & create! Well, I am going to go pick up my daughter dialysis right now *yes, we are STILL at the hospital & we have no idea how much longer...... almost 8 months. Trying to keep it together. Talk to you soon!

My movies & books!

  • I read this book "She's Come Undone" I can't stop thinking about how many things it had going on in it. I like that.
  • I am an Ocean's Eleven fan. I could & have watched it everyday for months!